Woodside Retreat

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Retreat to Nature

More than a place. A perfect moment, when centuries-old redwoods envelop you in their gentle cradle and Silicon Valley seems worlds away. Set among the hills and forests of Northern California, just outside of San Francisco, Canyon Ranch Woodside seeks to elevate the retreat from act to art, with curated programs backed by our more than 40 years of integrative wellness knowledge and inspiring rituals grounded in the natural rhythms of our special home.

What makes Woodside unique?

With 38 guest rooms, there are opportunities to be engaged at all levels with the guest experience. From leading a hike in the Redwoods to sharing our food philosophy while serving, you can create the experience that our guests love, personal and individual.

How can I be part of this team?

Your passion for serving guests who seek to live a lifestyle of health and wellness is the important first step. There is so much you can learn from the team each and every day.